Traveling With Toddler Alone

Traveling With Toddler Alone. If traveling with a toddler who's potty training, then of course you'll want one last potty break, too. But it's not okay to leave your kid alone, out of your.

Traveling With Toddler Alone
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I have travelled alone with my daughter from when she was three months. Keeping your energetic toddler happy, your baby safe and yourself comfortable is an even taller order when you're on your own. Holidays and travel with children as a solo parent is possible!

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Just getting everyone out and ready for a trip to the grocery store can seem insurmountable so adding a plane, train or when you're travelling alone it can be fun and charming to get lost and meander down empty streets, add a hungry and tired. I know its crazy, but its not an easy task travelling alone with a child. I loved travelling alone with lotte. If you don't believe me, see how fun it is trying to go to the bathroom in a dirty public restroom holding a baby, or trying to keep your crawling/walking toddler from escaping under the stalls.

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